Leonardo DiCaprio Fights with Other Women ‘Back On The Hunt’A Possible Breakup


You can have Leonardo DiCaprioAnd Camila MorroneAre you ready to give up? One tabloid claims that the Titanic The star is looking for a woman. Here’s what we know about the actor’s relationship status.

Leonardo DiCaprio Chatting Up ‘Blond Beauties’?

This week Woman’s DayReports claim that Leonardo DiCaprio is looking to start a new love. DiCaprio is known to have been dating Camila Morrone since 2017. “nowhere to be seen”DiCaprio was observed talking to and even hugging some women late at night outside a club. The tabloid suggests that DiCaprio had been in fact exchanging numbers before the split. While DiCaprio and Morrone haven’t confirmed their split, the magazine notes that the couple hasn’t been seen together since early September.

Leonardo DiCaprio Separates from Camila Morone

We found the story superficial and speculative after looking into it. We don’t have any context for the photos of DiCaprio and the unknown women, and none of his observed actions crossed any lines. It’s totally possible that the entire encounter was between friends and nothing more. And since the tabloid has no more insight than us, there’s no reason to sound any alarms about DiCaprio jumping ship from his relationship with Morrone.

DiCaprio as well as Morrone are other notable participants. We were taken on a date night just last weekend. The couple have been laying low for the entirety of their relationship, but it’s clear they’re still together. Morrone and DiCaprio keep their lives extremely private, so it’s not uncommon for the couple to go weeks without anyone seeing them, let alone together. And since Morrone just announced that they’ve commenced filming her highly anticipated Amazon Prime show, Daisy Jones and The Six, it’s no wonder things have slowed down a bit for her and DiCaprio.

The Tabloid on Leonardo DiCaprio

Besides, we’d never believe a word Woman’s Day Prints about Leonardo DiCaprio The tabloid reported last year that Morrone was actually pregnant. Of course, the whole story was bogus since Morrone and DiCaprio don’t have any children. Another outlet claimed that DiCaprio was flirting with his ex-wife. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star Margaret Qualley. The latest version of that rumor is more true than the previous one. Further, this publication claimed that DiCaprio proposed to Morrone in celebration of her birthday. There was no announcement of an engagement. It was clear, Woman’s Day can’t be trusted when it comes to DiCaprio and his love life.