Leroy Garrett speaks out about how the ‘Dirty 30’ Racism Scandal was handled


The ChallengeLeroy Garrett, an alum of the show, is speaking out about a serious problem that occurred in Season 30. Dirty 30. The viewers will recall that Camila Nakagawa, about half-way through the season, launched a racist tirade at Garrett. She verbally attacked him and called him “a liar.” “Black motherf—ing p—y”He threw a pillow at him. In the past, competitors have been removed from the show. Nakagawa won the season and was not mentioned by TJ Lavin nor production. It was Garrett who brought it up the next day. Garrett spoke out Monday evening about how he dealt with the situation and took MTV to task over their involvement in the matter. 

Garrett posted a 30-minute-long Instagram video that was titled “Forgiving myself.”In the video, he viewed the episode depicting this situation. It was called “Rampage,”He also wrote about how he felt. Garrett, who retired after 36 seasons (Double AgentsHe explained that he felt it was time to talk about the matter. He explained that it took him some time to forgive himself for the way he handled things. “This has been weighing on my mental for years, and now it’s time to break free. I finally wanted to forgive myself for not taking a stand. I no longer live with regret or fear.”He also said that sharing is the best way to help others. “first step” in his “healing process.”

The video focused mainly on the incident and MTV’s failure to respond to Nakagawa’s racist tirade. Garrett said that he was shocked MTV didn’t remove her from the show. (He also complained about how frustrating it was to see her win the next season. He was also frustrated that he had the responsibility of addressing the issue in front of the cast after production failed to intervene. He recalled specifically that Lavin, the host of the show, entered the house one day after the incident and just moved forward to talk about it. 

“I thought, ‘What the hell is going on? No one is about to talk about what happened?’ Imagine that,” Garrett said. “The producers didn’t tell TJ to say something. I have to say something. I was the victim last night and I have to bring up why something happened to me and basically force someone to apologize – someone who wasn’t going to do it on their own. Mindblowing to me.”He continued to state that it was “heartbreaking”It was shocking to see that MTV did not take any action regarding Nakagawa. Garrett continued, “To know that a network who, at this point, who I’ve given at least seven or eight years to, everything, you guys are basically just recording it. You’re not doing anything to help me. Nothing.”

Garrett stated in his video that he felt compelled by this to speak out now because MTV was still following Nakagawa’s Instagram account, which he understood to be a sign to support. He also said that they do not follow him. However, ChallengeTeaa on InstagramMTV apparently did not follow Garrett in light Garrett’s video, according to reports. 

Garrett continued to state that competitors had been sent home. “less,”He is now confused as to why Nakagawa was not removed from the situation by the network after she made such ignorant comments. (Nakagawa wasn’t sent home. She was however cast on The ChallengeSpinoff Champs vs. Stars after this. After an altercation with a crewmember, she was disqualified from the series. Garrett added, “So, what is it about her, or what is it about me, that made you not care about what happened to me?”

The former Challenge A competitor said that he will pay close attention to castings in the future. ChallengeShows to ensure that racist comments are not allowed to be repeated on the network’s next season. Garrett said that MTV has Garrett’s phone number and that they will be open to discussing how they can help him. “make change happen”And that’s just the beginning. “The ball is in your court. All eyes are on you.”

As a result of this video Nakagawa participatedTuesday’s Instagram Live. She did not denounce racism and she shared her regrets for saying it. Although she claimed she tried to contact Garrett to clarify her thoughts, she seemed confused as to why the situation was being discussed. 

MTV has been making strides in recent years to defend its anti-racism stand. MTV aired a special entitled MTV’s Discussion on Race in AmericaNessa Diab hosted the discussion. Dee Nguyen was also banned from appearing in future seasons of the network’s 2020 racism program. The ChallengeAfter her comments about Black Lives Matter. They also stated that they had made the following statements: “MTV and Bunim/Murray Productions strongly condemn systemic racism and stand with those raising their voices against injustice.”PopCulture.com did contact MTV to comment on Garrett’s video. Us Weekly They also mentioned that they had reached out to MTV about the matter and that MTV would not comment on it.