Leslie Jordan was reported as having shortness of breath just before his death.


Leslie Jordan was reported to have suffered from shortness-of-breath in the weeks preceding his death. A cardiologist was scheduled to visit him in the following days.

The 67 year-old “Will and Grace”After suffering a medical emergency, star of the movie “Stardust” died in Hollywood Monday. He had crashed his car into a side building. 

Jordan was a popular YouTuber in his 60s who posted humorous videos about the COVID-19 pandemic. He was loved by millions of Americans for his storytelling, singing, and dancing. 

Two weeks ago, the actor talked about his star power in an interview. “CBS Mornings”Anthony Mason, correspondent

“Give me a good pandemic, and I’ll flourish. I don’t know what happened. People have said to me, ‘What’s the secret?’ I have no idea. It would jump a million a day,”Jordan stated.

Mason stated that he was “stunned and devastated” by Jordan’s death.

Jordan celebrated his purchase of his first condo on social media just 10 weeks prior.

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