Let’s Take a Trip Back to the 1992 Met Gala


You are in for a fashion flashback from the past. 

It seems impossible to believe, but there was once an era when the Met Gala didn’t exist. Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. The British journalist has certainly played a big role in making the annual event what it is today—she’s been the gala’s chair since 1995, after all—but the soiree actually dates back to 1948, when it was simply a midnight supper that invited guests could attend for $50 a ticket.

The Costume Institute Benefit was also called the gala. It remained this way until the fashion editor. Diana VreelandIn 1972, he was appointed as a consultant special to the Institute. The dinner quickly became a grand affair with figures such as Jacqueline KennedyAnd Pat Buckley signing on to co-chair.

Vreeland passed away in 1989, and it wouldn’t be until ’95 that Wintour would take over and up the benefit’s ante even more. So where did that leave the event 20 years ago in 1992?

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