Liam Gallagher is worried that Moscow Rules might get him fired


Liam Gallagher is concerned that a song from his new album will be cancelled, as it is about Moscow.

Moscow Rules, the former Oasis singer’s song, features on his third solo album, C’Mon, You Know, out May 27. It was written before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Liam is concerned that Russia might appear to be his support.

The rocker explained it: “It’s nothing to do with ‘Moscow is cool, or it rules’, it’s not pro Moscow, you know what I mean.

“The timing is a bit sh*tty, but when people hear it they’ll realise it is what it is and it’s nothing to do with that.”

Liam Gallagher reveals the timing of his latest release is "a bit sh*tty"
Liam Gallagher reveals when his new release will be released “a bit sh*tty”

Because the album was completed before the war began, Liam cannot re-record it or alter the lyrics. Everything has been pressed at manufacturing.

He said: “If people really kick up a storm about it and they don’t want it then just don’t f***ing listen to it, you know what I mean, simple as that, it’s only music, if it really upsets people then I guess we can bin it off, it’s not a problem.”

He admits that should it upset "too many people" he can "bin it off"
He acknowledges that it could upset. “too many people”He can “bin it off”

Moscow Rules was co-written by Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend.

Liam spoke to 94.5 The Buzz “Andrew Wyatt, the guy that I write the songs with, he said, ‘Listen, I’ve got this tune that the guy out of Vampire Weekend wrote which is called Moscow Rules’.

“This is way before all the other stuff is happening. So I think, “Oh, this sounds strange, let’s listen.”

Moscow Rules is taken from his forthcoming LP, C'Mon, You Know out May 27
Moscow Rules is taken directly from his forthcoming album, C’Mon, You Know, which will be released May 27

“So we played it and I thought, ‘It’s pretty out there man,’ so we cracked on with it and then a couple of months later Ezra popped up and I’d never met him before, nice lad, so that’s how that happened.”

At least it won’t be huge in Russia as hardly any new Western music is available over there.

Following orders from Vladimir Putin, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24 2022.

Prior to the invasion, Putin, who sees Ukraine as historically part of Russia, announced in a televised address that a ‘special military operation’ would take place.

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