LifeVac Device Parents Save Choking Baby After Seeing It in Inside Edition


A Family claims they saved their baby’s life by using a LifeVac device that they had at home thanks to an Inside Edition story.

Surveillance video shows Heather Perez frantically speaking on the phone after her infant daughter’s airway became blocked.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Please hurry. Please hurry. She’s blue,”She said.

Jose Perez’s father then remembered that he had the LifeVac.

“We put her on the hood of the car, and I used that LifeVac three times, and on the third time, the fluid and everything that was blocking her airway came out and she started breathing,”Jose said.

The device has a mouth piece and plunger that can suction out whatever is blocking the airway.

After seeing how another baby who was choking had been saved by the LifeVac, the parents purchased the LifeVac. A baby was found choking on a piece pancake in a restaurant. A total stranger retrieved the LifeVac from his car to save the baby.

That segment also prompted another mom to purchase the device, which ended up saving her choking son.

According to LifeVac’s company research, 31 lives have been saved due to Inside Edition stories about the device.

“If Inside Edition hadn’t shown that on TV, we probably wouldn’t have never bought it and we might not have Abigail today,”Heather Perez spoke.


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