Lily James is Hardly Alone In Transforming Into A Real Person


Lily James’ transformation into Pamela Anderson is almost shocking. You wouldn’t know she was the star of Pam & Tommy unless you paid attention to the credits. She’s not the only actress who’s morphed into another famous face. Let’s take a look at some other stars playing stars.

Lily James As Pamela Anderson

Pam Anderson is an immediately recognizable figure, and it’s never easy to mimic someone so famous. James manages to pull it off. You genuinely wouldn’t know this was the same woman who starred in Cinderella.

To get the job done, James had some help from hair and makeup. A great deal of help actually. “We cross-compared [James and Anderson] and did some photoshop work to help lay the foundation,” special-effects makeup designer Jason Collins told Vogue. “Once we completed this research, we knew we were going to have to build a few specific prosthetics to help zero in on a more exact likeness.” On top of a facial prosthetic, James used multiple wigs, sculpted breasts, Anderson-replicating dentures, and era-appropriate makeup to get the job done.

Kristen Stewart As Princess Diana

When Kristen Stewart was cast as Princess Diana in Spencer, many folks were understandably skeptical. That was until the first photos emerged. The Twilight star had transformed into one of the most recognizable women of the 20th century.

Many thought Stewart would command Oscar buzz for the role, but a snub at the BAFTA puts that in some doubt. Credit goes to both the stars and industrial hair and makeup for making these roles possible.

Gillian Anderson As Margaret Thatcher

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is immortalized in a few projects. The Iron lady won the Academy Award for turning Meryl Streep into Thatcher, but The Crown may have done an even better job. Gillian Anderson was almost spooky in her portrayal. The American was a dead ringer for the infamous politician.

Angela Bassett as Tina Turner

One of the great Oscar snubs in recent history occurred in 1994. Angela Bassett’s portrayal of Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to Do with It remains a highlight of her career. She was nominated for the role, but Succession star Holly Hunter took home gold for The Piano. No offense to Hunter, but Bassett so embodied an icon that she deserved some hardware.

Faye Dunaway As Joan Crawford

Silver screen legend meets silver screen legend. Faye Dunaway’s performance of Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest remains, for better or for worse, one of her best-known roles. Say what you will about the cult classic, but Dunaway is a dead ringer as Crawford. Special credit goes to her on-point eyebrows.

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