Lily James Reveals Pam Anderson Transformation for Hulu series Left Her on Brink of Quitting


Sebastian Stan and Lily James shocked the world with their final looks as Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson for Hulu’s. Pam & Tommy limited series, but James reveals the work to properly capture the real-life figures was an incredibly hard task –– so much so that she almost cracked under the pressure and walked away. 

“I really wanted to pull out of this a week before,”She told Variety in her and Stan’s joint cover story. She said that she felt the same way. “‘I can’t do it. I can’t do it.’ It just felt too frightening. But I think that’s a good place to work from because it keeps you growing and getting better, I hope.”

Pam & TommyThis series tells the incredible story behind Tommy Lee’s stolen and leaked sex tape, which is a true story. The short series will premiere February 2. It stars Nick Offerman and Seth Rogen. 

It is the process of learning all the details of becoming the BaywatchThe star was exhausting. Anderson’s story was so cruel that Anderson made her feel the need to give Anderson justice.”Sometimes you admire qualities in people that you feel you’re lacking, or you want to be more like,”James. “And I’ve always felt there was this boldness to Pamela, this unashamed kind of authenticity. And even without knowing exactly what went on and the details of the tape, just who she kind of stands for, it feels so brave.”

“She talks really fast, and I would watch her interviews over and over again and annotate them, learn them and parrot along with her,” James continued. “I wanted to get that energy and that impulsiveness and that spirit that she has when she’s in front of the camera.”

Stan, Stan’s co-star, was concerned about his ability to match the Motley Crue drummer authentically. He wondered about the things that attracted Craig Gillespie to support him. “I don’t have a single tattoo on my body,”He says. “So I was like, ‘What exactly is making you think that I can play this man?’ But I was intrigued enough to want to see why he was calling,”He told the outlet. “When you’re playing somebody who’s from real life, the story is there; you’re a journalist at that point,”He adds. “You’re really researching all you can and trying to understand as best as you can.”