Lily Peters was killed by Blunt Force Trauma. She was also strangled.


According to preliminary autopsy results, Lily Peters, 10, died of blunt force trauma or strangulation. This is a shocking murder case that rocked a Wisconsin town.

Chippewa Falls police stated that the 14-year-old boy she knew killed the girl as she was returning home from Sunday’s visit to her aunt’s house. The aunt is located four blocks away.

Her father called police on Sunday at 9 PM after his daughter did not come home.

Lily’s battered corpse was discovered on Monday morning after an intense overnight search. Her bike was also nearby. According to police, her remains were located just down the road from where she lived.

On Wednesday, the teen boy indicted for the first-degree of intentional homicide in the child’s murder. Wade Newell, Chippewa County District attorney, stated that the boy punched Lily in her stomach and knocked her to her knees. He also hit her with a stick, choked her, and then beat her. “to the point of death.”Newell claimed that Newell then sexually assaulted her.

The teen told investigators told police “his intention was to break and kill the victim from the get-go as he left the house and walked down the street with her,”Newell spoke to the court.

Because of his age, the suspect has not been identified and authorities declined to say if he is related to the child. 

Authorities say that the house Lily and Boy left behind belongs to the aunt of the Girl.

Matthew Kelm, Chief of Police at Chippewa Falls, stated Thursday that his community is still devastated by the crime. 

“We were ready to continue looking for the missing girl, hoping that she was gonna show up to school the next day, that we could call off the search, and then when we learned that that wasn’t going to happen, it hit us all very hard,”He said Fox News “The Story.”

Chief said that hundreds of tips had been given to police by officers, which helped them make an arrest.

“I know that our tip line and other tips that came in, we had over 200, I believe, and tips from the public were of great help in solving this case as quickly as we did,”He said.

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