Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Wife Is So Gorgeous, How He Won Her Heart


Lin-Manuel MirandaHe was a stage star that helped him have one of the most successful decades of entertainment history. HamiltonHis film remake of In The Heights, as well as his record-breaking soundtrack for Disney’s Encanto. The multi-talented actor, writer, singer, rapper, and songwriter couldn’t have done it on his own, however. Much of his success can be attributed to Miranda’s longtime love and wife of ten years Vanessa Nadal.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s wife Vanessa Nadal has to be enormously proud of her husband’s success over the last few years. She’s been with him for every career-high since he first premiered his debut musical In the Height2008 Broadway show. The two’s real-life love story is potent enough to rival the on-stage drama dreamed up by Miranda.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Best Love Story Is About His Wife Vanessa Nadal

Miranda and Nadal go back a long way. They attended Hunter College High School, the same high school. Although they never had a relationship, the two were married in 2010. The New York TimesSubmitted, “throughout his senior year Mr. Miranda could never manage to talk to Vanessa Adriana Nadal, a Latino sophomore he admired.”Miranda explained Miranda to the outlet. “She was gorgeous and I’m famously bad at talking to women I find attractive…I have a total lack of game.”

Years after they graduated, in 2005, Miranda stumbled upon Nadal’s Facebook page and reached out to her via a DM. She was initially confused by his intentions and was invited to a rap-improv troupe performance. “It was a huge group so he didn’t talk to me the whole night,”Nadal recalled that Miranda was not interested in her. 

Only have eyes for each other

Luckily, a friend of Miranda’s was willing to play wingman for him and procured Nadal’s phone number since he was too shy to ask her himself. Nadal and Miranda met again at a performance. Miranda realized that Nadal was falling for him as soon as she stepped onto the stage. They were almost inseparable from that point on. 

Miranda was a genius in the creation of the concept, music, lyrics, and the story that started their love. In The HeightsIt became a Broadway smash hit. The Tony Awards 2008 for Best Musical, Best Original Score, Best Choreography, and Best Orchestrations were won by the production, which was one of 13 nominations. The production was also nominated for a Grammy as Best Musical Show Album.

The Beginning Of Miranda’s ‘Heights’Fame

Even before all that fame and acclaim came Miranda’s way, he already had a major supporter in his corner in the form of his future wife. They are now happily raising their sons. Nadal is a professional like her husband. According to her Twitter bio she is an author. “attorney, engineer”She recently became an adjunct professor at Fashion Law Institute. Talk about a family that succeeds together!

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