Lindsay Lohan to Guest on ‘Real Housewives Of Dubai’?


Fans The Real HousewivesThe reality TV franchise is a hot topic as they just announced that filming will begin in Dubai. Executive producer Andy CohenThe news was revealed on a recent episode Today ShowBravo is about to go live The Real Housewives of Dubai. Since Lindsay LohanFans are wondering if the actress will appear in the movie, as she is already a resident of Dubai.

When is It ‘The Real Housewives Of Dubai’What is the Airing?

On Monday, Andy Cohen announced that Bravo’s Real Housewives Dubai is the next destination for series. Despite fans’ excitement, they’ll have to wait a little bit as the show hasn’t even started filming yet. Cohen says that the new episodes will be available in September. “blow the lid off the entire franchise.” Although no specific date has been set regarding the show’s release, Bravo shared that it’ll be ready sometime next year.

The past was The Real Housewives has done several different spinoffs. But, the show went to Dubai is the first city to receive the network.The reality TV show will also be broadcast internationally. A cast of actors will be announced. The Real Housewives of DubaiYet to be released. But, the show’s press release is already generating hype; reading it will be “over-the-top opulence, jaw-dropping modern architecture, and wild nightlife scene.”

So…Will Lindsay Lohan Be On ‘The Real Housewives Of Dubai’What is the best way to get started?

Because Lohan already lives in Dubai, there was immediate speculation she’d be a guest on The Real Housewives of Dubai. Even though Lohan isn’t a housewife, plenty of other spinoffs of The Real HousewivesUnmarried women were featured. Unfortunately, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too high, as Lohan won’t be featured on the show’s latest season.

According to TMZA source will provide the knowledge Lindsay Lohan has stated that she will not participateThe new season. In fact, Lindsay Lohan wasn’t even approached about the upcoming project. To many people, it doesn’t make sense why Lohan wouldn’t be featured in the show, as many assume she’d bring drama and obvious star power. However, the real issue is likely that Bravo wouldn’t be able to afford Lohan for the new spinoff because she’d certainly demand a higher paycheck than the lesser-known guests.

Instead of being “on”, The Real HousewivesLohan is the alternative. Her podcast is her focusVenture, due to be released in the early 2022. Lohan described the podcast as something she’s “looking forward to…having intimate conversations with thought leaders and friends across all industries.” So, while fans won’t catch Lohan on The Real HousewivesYou can listen to her podcast instead.