Lionel Messi boasts football’s most expensive car collection including £25million Ferrari


Lionel Messi reportedly boasts the most expensive car collection of any of the world’s highest-paid athletes, which includes a special edition Ferrari worth in excess of £25million

Lionel Messi’s passion for sports cars is evident with his supreme control, effortless acceleration, and iconic image.

According to research by ManySpins.comSeven-time Ballon d’Or winner, he has the most expensive car collection among the highest-paid athletes in the world. What a collection!

The Argentine has been hailed the greatest ever footballer in history. He broke all sorts of records, won a staggering number of trophies, and received individual honours. His pride and joy is evident away from the pitch. He seems to enjoy adding to his collection of fast cars.

Messi’s vast collection is said to consist of 13 vehicles, worth a combined value in excess of £28million – over £10m more than a certain Cristiano Ronaldo. By contrast, the Portuguese superstar’s assortment totals an overall value of just over £18m – despite the fact he is thought to possess six more cars.

Both have been involved in a fight to be the best pitch umpire, but the rivals have also fought it out. According to reports, Messi outbid Ronaldo to purchase a unique 1957 Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti at high-profile auctions in Paris in 2016.

Arguably the most eye-catching automobile within Messi’s collection, the speedster alone cost the Paris Saint-Germain forward a staggering £25m. It is believed to be the only one ever made.

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Messi posted to Instagram to entertain speculation that he was the winning bidder. The former Barcelona forward can be seen holding up a Lightning McQueen car with the caption: “My new car.”

This rare Ferrari is not the only one in Messi’s fleet of cars. A special edition F430 Spider is also owned by the 34-year old, which comes with aerodynamic simulation software and can go from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds.

Messi’s love for excess doesn’t stop there. The forward owns a Pagani Zonda Roadster which is one of the most luxurious cars in the world, but it isn’t road legal.

Another notable car in his collection is a Mercedes SLS AMG and two Maseratis – a Gran Turismo MC Strandale (and a GranTurismo S).

A Toyota Prius is the most unique model in his selection. This car is extremely efficient and was free to Messi, who won the MVP award at the 2011 Club World Cup after leading his beloved Barcelona to victory.

Said to be earning an eye-watering £94m over his three-year contract with PSG, according to L’EquipeIt’s no surprise that Messi is able to afford such luxury items. Where will he spend his next $1000?