Lisa Marie Presley Allegedly Struggling with Failing Health and Personal Tragedies. Worrying Friends. Unverified Rumors Claim


Lisa Marie PresleyHer life has been full of challenges. When she was five, her parents divorced. Elvis Presley died at nine. She’s been divorced four times, most recently in 2021, and lost her son in 2020. Tabloids smell stories and see trauma in this way. Here are some articles Gossip CopPresley.

Fears For Lisa Marie Presley’s Appearance

Per OK!, Lisa Marie Presley was struggling over Christmas because it was the anniversary of her son Benjamin Keough’s death. Source said that “She carries the heartache every day and can’t help but feel sad this time of year.” The fresh divorce wasn’t helping anything either. Riley Keough, her daughter, was apparently going to Graceland with her to ease her pain. A tipter claimed that “Everyone hopes that walking around the rooms her father loved will bring her comfort.”

This exploitative story was meant to attack Presley by using the tragic passing of her son. It’s never easy to celebrate holidays and anniversaries when someone has died. “insiders”It was unnecessary to explain it. Presley’s health was not in any danger, so this story was just trying to profit off her pain.

‘One Foot In The Grave’

The following is an extract from the National EnquirerPresley was overcome by grief and paranoid about the curse that would befall her family, according to a tipter. A tipter claimed that “Lisa Marie is filled with sadness and grief!”Keough was there for her to cope, but Keough was also there as a source of inspiration. “Lisa Marie’s convinced that time maybe even closer than she suspected!”

The tabloid stressed how Lisa Marie Presley was dying, but it couldn’t say what exactly she was sick with. It’s essentially telling readers to just take the insider’s word for it. There’s no evidence that Presley is secretly dying. Grieving? But not dying. One could only find one exploitative story here, hoping to profit from her son’s passing.

Struggling to Find Private Housing

According to Star, Lisa Marie Presley’s relationship with the rest of her family has grown strained. She wasn’t speaking to Navarone Garibaldi, her half-brother, and was now relying on Riley Keough for support. A source explained, “Lisa Marie calls her nonstop… She wants Riley to be more vocal about sticking up for her.”Riley, they claimed was caught in the middle, finding it difficult to keep the peace.

Although we do not know if Garibaldi is still fighting, it was clear that there was tension there in 2017. What’s more dubious is the supposed bad blood between Presley and her daughter. They appear to be still on good terms and Riley is free to concentrate on her blossoming career. This was another insult to Lisa Marie Presley, who had the gall not to grieve the loss of her son. It’s disgusting.

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