Lisa Marie Presley Allegedly triggers health fears from family, has ‘One Foot In The Grave,’ Anonymous Source Claims


It is Lisa Marie Presley worried she doesn’t have much time left? According to one tabloid, the stress of the past year has caused major problems for the singer. Here’s the latest gossip about Elvis Presley’s daughter.

Lisa Marie Presley, Paranoid About the Family Curse

This week, National Enquirer reports Lisa Marie Presley isn’t looking like herself. Sources tell the tabloid that Presley hasn’t been coping well with the tragic death of her son in 2020. Presley is said to be consumed by grief after the tragic death of her son in 2020. During her Christmas trip to Graceland, she supposedly even told people that her family was cursed and she’d be the next to die. “Lisa Marie always makes a special Christmas visit to Graceland,”An insider’s guide to cooking.

“This year, like always, it was clandestine, under the cover of darkness, after all the tours had ended for the day.”The tipter mentions that she visited Ben Keough’s grave while at the estate. Ben tragically died in 2020. “Lisa Marie is filled with sadness and grief!”The tipster was charged. But she isn’t the only one. Apparently, Presley’s daughter, Riley Keough, underwent training to become a death doula — a counselor who helps terminally ill people and their families cope with death —shortly after her brother’s passing.

And she may be helping her mother soon since Presley’s allegedly been suffering from an unknown liver illness. “Perhaps Riley will be with her mom when she makes that final trip to the other side, to be reunited with her father and her son,”The source muses. “Lisa Marie’s convinced that time may be even closer than she suspected!”

Lisa Marie Presley ‘Crushed By Grief And Pain’?

The report is lacking any evidence and clearly targeted Presley at a vulnerable moment. First of all, Presley probably isn’t dying. We have absolutely no reason to trust these rumors about Presley needing a liver transplant since they’re coming from completely anonymous sources. And it’s just insulting to use the tragic death of her son to make up a story about a “family curse.”

The magazine then made the morbid comment that Keough used her death doula training in order to help her mother make it easier for her. “final trip to the other side.”Even though losing a parent is something many people have to deal with in their lives, Presley is almost certain to pass soon. But since the tabloid hasn’t provided any proof that it’s speaking to anyone close to the family at all, this story just feels wrong. It’s clear the tabloid is just exploiting Presley’s family tragedies to sell magazines, which just makes it even less likely that it has any meaningful insights into her personal life.

Other Bogus Stories from The Tabloids

This seems like a recurring theme for the National Enquirer. Not long ago, the tabloid claimed Phil Collins’ friends feared he’d die before Christmas. The tabloid reported that William Shatner, who had just returned from space, was at high risk of death. In a second attempt to promote the myth that Lisa Marie Presley would need a liver donation, the magazine attempted again. Evidently, the Get in touch is no expert when it comes to celebrities’ health.

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