Lisa Rinna of “Real Housewives” savors the status of a villain amid Kathy Hilton and Cancer Backlash


Lisa Rinna is now Melrose PlaceYou could be a real TV villain. Page SixThe Real Housewives of Beverly HillsRecently, the star has caused a lot of controversy. BravoCon was her first public appearance. She quickly realized the results.

BravoCon was surprised by her appearance and welcomed her with cheers. Rinna was dressed in Jim Carrey’s suit. Dumber and dumbBefore she took her place, she flipped the bird at them. It’s like professional wrestling, except that the tables do the flipping.

Rinna will likely get two responses. Rinna’s response is one: She’s taking Page Six’s callAn “explosive season”RHOBH, where a feud between Kathy Hilton and RHOBH was elevated beyond allegations of Hilton having a affair “psychotic break” in Aspen. However, There is a real backlash outsideThe RHOBHThe world with The American Institute for Cancer Research is slammingRinna and the show about using “the specter of cancer as emotional blackmail to justify airing her grievances”The show. They also pointed out that “no strong evidence to support stress being the cause of cander”Rinna also said that the is available. “taken a popular (but likely false) concept”And she plopped the contents out for the viewers on her reality show.

Rinna also claims that Hilton is causing this rift. “get sick and get cancer”If she didn’t get rid of the gossip about Aspen, it would be a shame. She claimed that she was also suffering from other ailments. “But it’s hard to get past what I had just been through with Kathy. I am very, very in shock still. And I am putting on a brave face because I feel PTSD,”Rinna added more in the episode. “I’m still really upset after what happened in Aspen. I can’t sit here any longer…I am really trying, but I feel like I have seen the devil. And her name is Kathy Hilton.”

Hilton wasn’t at BravoCon, but Rinna was there with Crystal Kung Minkoff and Dorit Kemsley and Sutton Stracke. Erika Jayne offered a reaction to Rinna and the drama.

“There’s no consoling Rinna. We are here in a live audience, and people do that. You get cheers, you get boos,”Jayne stated. “And that’s part of being a performer. She’s a performer. She knows what it is. We all know what this is, so the audience is allowed to feel whatever way they want to. Clap and boo. That’s part of a live audience.”

Rinna seemed not to be upset by the boos. As she joined the panel, they seemed to be able to calm her down.

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