Listen to Taylor Swift’s song and find out why Keleigh Teller’s wife was so upset by Miles Teller


“Although by saying that, I’m implying that I would want to reboot it. I think it’s a perfect movie,”He explained. “It’s just that father-son thing. I think that’s how a lot of kids bond with their dad. I was lucky—my dad and I could talk about a good amount of things—but still, for me, having a catch is just very therapeutic. It’s the equivalent of me walking on the beach.”  

In fact, Miles is such a huge baseball fan—and an avid baseball card collector—that he partnered with eBay to celebrate the launch of the eBay VaultAt its first-ever Vault Stars trading card draft alongside former second baseman Chase Utley MLB Network Alanna Rizzo.  

“I’m really excited for the partnership. I’m very, very excited about the cards I get to pick,”He said. “Collecting baseball cards is something I’ve done my whole life. Some of these cards are 75 years old. You’re really holding a piece of history and as a lifelong baseball fan that is special to me. It’s an artifact. It’s a relic.” 

He is also happy that eBay offers a safer way for him to purchase more desirable cards.  

“When I was younger, it was a little more wild, wild west with buying and collecting. So to have the eBay brand, who has always maintained 100% customer satisfaction, you really feel safe and protected,” Miles said. “It’s the best now because everything is coming and going through the Vault so you don’t have to worry about the card getting messed up in shipment or any of that stuff. Some of these cards are extremely valuable and rare, so it takes a lot of trust.” 

Miles also revealed to the Philadelphia Phillies, in case they are paying attention, that he is fully prepared to give up his acting career to become their new star hitter. He joked, “If they presented it to me like, ‘Miles, you’ve got to take two years off from acting but you’ll get to play second base for the Phillies.’ I would say, ‘See you later acting.'”