Little Leaguer is seriously hurt by Bunk Bed Fall


Family members of a 12-year old little league player are reporting remarkable improvements after he fell off his bunk bed. 

Easton Oliverson was in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, gearing up for the biggest came of the season and staying in the tournament’s dormitory complex. 

The beds there didn’t have guardrails, and the boy fell off in the middle of the night and cracked his skull. He was put in a medically-induced sleep coma.

Easton’s family is now sharing video from inside his hospital room to show how far he has come since the Sunday incident. 

“The tests have all come out really good, so I think we’re just waiting for him to fully wake up and kinda see where he’s at with his brain activity and his memory,” said Easton’s uncle, Spencer Beck.

Easton received a message from Mookie Betts, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ favorite baseball player.

“We are praying for you, thinking of you and I hope to see you soon, my man,”Betts stated.

His team, the Snow Canyon All Stars of Utah, was getting ready for the big game. His teammates showed support by walking onto the field in their support. “Team Easton” bands.

Easton’s little brother Brogan will be filling in for him on the team as he continues his path to recovery.

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