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Kelly RipaAnd Ryan SeacrestThey are well-known for their close friendship off-screen. The hosts of Live! Live!Although they love to laugh with one another, fans of the show have criticized Ripa’s behavior in an episode. 

Fans blast Ripa For Interrupting Seacrest ‘It Would Sure Be Nice To Hear Ryan Finish A Story’

Seacrest and Ripa are well-known for their outlandish and personal comments, and viewers love to see the next conversation. However, some fans are less than pleased with all of Ripa’s interjections. In an Instagram video Seacrest recently posted, Ripa was criticized by fans who filled the comments section. 

“You need to tell Kelly to stop interrupting you,”One person wrote. “That’s very rude. She does it throughout the show… every show. Very annoying. The show’s ratings go up because of you. She is a boring host.”

“I agree one million percent,”Another fan commented. “It would sure be nice to hear Ryan finish a story. I started noticing that too, she never [used] to do that, seems it started after they got back in the studio, you can tell Ryan just kind of holds his breath.”

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“OMG I thought I was the only one that felt this way!!!”Another fan wrote. “She interrupts, negate and challenge everything you say and tries to act as if you are ‘beneath her’ intellectually.”

“She constantly interrupts Ryan,”Someone pointed this out. “he starts talking about something like his weekend or evening and she jumps right in about herself. And it takes her forever to even spit out what she wants to say. Ryan can out number her with all that he’s done and accomplished.”

Other Defend Ripa ‘She Is So Talented And Smart’

While it’s true that Ripa likes to make her voice heard on the morning show, she had plenty of people defending her in the comments section. “I’m sorry but I don’t agree that Kelly is a bad host,”A Ripa fan wrote. “I watched her & Mark on the soaps. Always liked her. She might interrupt but [she] & Ryan are friends. They make a good show.”

“I love them together!! Great chemistry I think,”A third person agreed. “Kelly is a wonderful host . She is so talented and smart,”Someone else commented. Neither Ripa nor Seacrest have responded to the fan fighting that’s going on under Seacrest’s post, but it’s fair to assume the pair won’t let the insults get to them. The morning show hosts are friends on and off screen, going to dinner together and FaceTiming when they aren’t together. Fans are clearly creating drama by causing this situation! 

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