Liverpool news: Harvey Elliott gives back to the past as Steven Gerrard rolls back years


Steven Gerrard, Aston Villa manager scored a penalty for Liverpool legends versus Barcelona while Harvey Elliott presented a gift to a supporter following his performance as England Under-21s.

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Williams said he learned from Trent at Liverpool and Robertson.

They say class is permanent, and Steven Gerrard seems to have taken every step possible when playing against Barcelona for Liverpool legends.

Harvey Elliott, England’s Under-21 representative, played the entire game. England won 4-1. But it was his actions after the last whistle that made headlines.

Jurgen Klopp, Reds manager has repeatedly demanded five substitutions be allowed in Premier League. Karren Brady also explained why no change was made mid-season.

These are the details Mirror Football’s Liverpool news headlines.

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Gerrard’s Anfield display

Steven Gerrard was a great footballer who never lost his ability to play.

Minutes into the match against Barcelona, the now Aston Villa manager scored the winning goal. The penalty was given to Gerrard for driving into the box. Gerrard, after dusting himself off, slotted calmly home. He celebrated by giving a hug to Anfield’s packed crowd.

Gerrard’s goal was the Reds only goal as they fell to a 2-1 defeat.

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Elliott gift to a fan

Harvey Elliott was a full-time player in England’s Under-21 win over Andorra, 4-1. Although Elliott didn’t score, Elliott showed yet again why he is one of Liverpool’s most promising prospects.

It was his actions after the game was over that showed how special Elliott is.

The 18-year-old made his debut when a fan ran up to him and asked for his autograph. Elliott gave his match-worn boots instead of pushing them away to make the experience memorable.

This isn’t the first occasion Elliott has presented his boots to a fan following a game.

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Five subs rejection explained

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager has advocated for five replacements in the Premier League.

This practice was in effect when football was played behind closed door during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. Fans returning to stadiums meant that the number of players a manager could bring onto the bench had been reduced to three. West Ham vice-chair Karen Brady spoke out about the situation.

Brady believes there’s a reason why the rules aren’t being changed during the season.

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