Lizzo Responds to Critics Who “Only Talk About”Her Body


Lizzo is feeling way too fine to be this stressed.

She isn’t afraid to share her thoughts, and the “Truth Hurts”The singer made fun of all the talk about her weight in a lighthearted TikTok videoThis post was published on October 14.

The clip features Lizzo interviewing herself and lip-syncing to an audio track she has recently released. Lye detector test Vanity Fair. But instead of answering a question about her zodiac sign, the 34-year-old—who is already half way to EGOT status—uses the clip to address how so many people are more focused on her appearance than her accomplishments.

“You’re a musician…and fat,”In the caption, she wrote. “Didn’t you know that people won’t talk about your body no matter how many hits they get?”

Lizzo answers, making a deadpan face, “I didn’t know that.” 

The “Good As Hell”The hitmaker writes in the caption that he then drops another truth bomb. “Do you think you’d be successful if you were thin?”She replies as she did in the lie detector test video. “Is this, like, a hypothetical?”

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