LMFAO’s Disappearance from the Music Industry and Where They Are Now


If you didn’t spend the 2010s under a soundproofed rock, you’ve heard LMFAO’s music. The music of this uncle-nephew pair was the soundtrack to a bygone era, whether it was good or bad. If you’re like the rest of us, you’re probably wondering why “party rock”It is not longer “in the house”Like it was once. What happened to LMFAO?

LMFAO Produced Some of The Most Popular Songs Of The 2010s

LMFAO was an EDM duo consisting of RedFoo (aka Stefan Gordy and SkyBlu) and his nephew SkyBlu. RedFoo claims that LMFAO was an EDM duo consisting of RedFoo and his nephew SkyBlu (aka Stefan Gordy and Skyler Gordy). The name was chosen. by their grandmother’s response to their first name choice. NPR was told by him. “We were on instant messenger, and we asked her, ‘What do you think of our new name, Sexy Dudes?’ And she simply replied, ‘LMFAO. Are you serious?”

The family ties don’t stop there. RedFoo’s father and Sky Blu’s grandfather is Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records. 

Since music clearly runs in their genes, it’s no wonder these two decided to make their art a family affair. Their songs were unapologetic and loud. Despite the name of their sophomore album —“Sorry for Party Rocking”—they were most certainly not sorry, and soon enough, the rest of the world began “party rocking”They will be yours.

In 2011, “Party Rock Anthem”It was #1 not only in the U.S.A., but also in Canada. And, if that wasn’t EnoughThe single was party-rocking and reached the top 5 in Norway as well as Italy. It was sold worldwide in 9.7 million copies.

The duo wasn’t just a one-hit-wonder either. They released hits like “Shots,” “I’m in Miami B*tch,” “Sexy and I Know It.”As it opened, a time capsule from the 2010s would most likely play their catchy hooks and thumping basses. These songs were not only popular around the world, but they also became the theme songs of many 2010s shows. Jersey Shore KUWTK spin-off, Kourtney, Khloe Take Miami.

They went on hiatus in 2012

LMFAO vanished just as quickly after they appeared despite being the dominant force in mainstream party music. They went out of business in 2012 A breakup was hinted at. “I feel like we’ve been doing this for so long, five or six years,”Redfoo stated at the time. “And we’re kind of like saying, well, let’s just do what’s natural and just kind of explore that, instead of like forcing it all the time.”

But they did something. Backpedaling is possible in the future. ​​”Well, you know, first of all, we’re not breaking up… I know that for sure,” they told MTV News. “We’re family and stuff, so it’s always love … It’s interesting because somebody will say one thing [and] it’s just like high school, then all of a sudden [it’s], ‘They’re breaking up. They’re fighting.””

Still, as of 2022, we haven’t heard new music from LMFAO since.

Despite the duo’s insistence that there was no bad blood between them, in 2016, SkyBlu made A Facebook postThis implied that something was different. The post was addressed to his uncle/ex-bandmate. It read: “The way you belittle people and your crazy power trips was some of the main reasons our relationship as family and partnership has greatly suffered. Unlike you, I didn’t take the LMFAO brand for myself. Your whole vibe and style since our last show together is completely a half-ass version of LMFAO.”

RedFoo and SkyBlu: What are they doing now?

There has not been any mention of an LMFAO-reunion as of 2022. RedFoo recorded his first solo album in May 2016. Party Rock Mansion. He was later a guest on the 20th season and was the first celebrity to be eliminated. Dancing with the Stars

SkyBly seems to have taken on a new identity and goes by FxckYeah. He’s released two solo albums: Rebel Music2013 Fxck Yeah: Chaos To Consciousness 2016 His first solo single, “Pop Bottles”Hit No. 25 Billboard‘s Dance Club Songs chart in 2013, however, his music hasn’Since then, t has gained much popularity.

Despite their apparent tension, the duo are still active on social networks and continue to follow one another. The duo are currently on hiatus but a reunion might not be impossible in the future.

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