Local News Anchor Berates Female Worker in Sexist, Nasty Rant


It’s a story as old as time: A man berating a woman for doing her job. Only it’s now 2022, and misogynists aren’t getting away with their sexist and condescending remarks as often as they once did.

A male St. Louis radio host and Fox 2 anchor launched a tirade last week against Crystal Cooper, one of his female coworkers. The incident occurred during a commercial for the radio program the two of them produce together. “The Edge.”

The tension between them was evident even on air. Vic Faust (male radio host and anchor) called Cooper a fool, immature and stupid for raising a topic he thought was dumb on air. It’s no surprise that his rant continued off the air. It is however shocking to see how many times he used insults, foul language and sexist comments while berating another colleague.

On-Air Tension Turns Into Off-Air Threats

In Faust’s off-air tiradeThis information was leaked to St. Louis Post Dispatch, Faust went beyond pointing out issues he has with Cooper’s broadcasting skills. His four-minute long rant criticized Cooper’s looks, intelligence, and even her parenting skills. He also used profanity at most 40 times. Faust tells Cooper as he reprimands his colleague “You’re nothing!”And “You’re trash.”

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As the rant escalated, Faust even told Cooper that she shouldn’t come back to the show. “If you come back, I’m going to be in your [expletive] every [expletive] day,”Faust threatened. When Cooper replied that she wasn’t going anywhere and that Faust isn’t her boss, she was met with even more threats from Faust: “Then I will nail your [expletives] … I will do whatever I [expletive] need to do to you.” The show’s recording no longer features the fight that sparked the issue, though the awkwardness is obvious throughout the recording and after the cut ends.

Even as Faust prepared for the show to go back on air, he couldn’t help but get in one last jab at Cooper. “Your kids have a [expletive] terrible mom,”Faust is criticized. “I feel sorry for them.” Cooper’s one word response summed up exactly how she’s feeling at the end of the rant: “Wow. Wow.”

Are there any consequences for sexist rants?

We’re now living in a day and age where these tirades aren’t as acceptable as they used to be. But, it’s not clear what the consequences of this sexist rant will be. According to Crystal Cooper’s Facebook page, her final day on the morning show was September 13, the day of Faust’s tirade. Tuesday’s show was also the last one posted online for “The Edge.”Only time will reveal what will happen to the morning show, and if Vic Faust will have to resign from either of his hosting posts.

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