Location, Cast and What to Expect this Season


It is now! Below DeckSeason 9 is here, and we can live vicariously through them without actually having to be there.

It sounds glamorous to imagine living on a mega-yacht and sailing to exotic locations. Fans are aware that the reality is very different. This season, get ready for drama, fighting, and a beautiful view thanks to this season’s location.

What you should know ‘Below Deck’Season 9 location.

The Bravo franchise, which has been so successful it’s sparked several spinoff shows, follows the lives of crew members who perform duties while working on chartered yachts. We would all love to travel on one of these boats.

They’re incredibly expensive, but before you jump into applying to every job opening there is on a ship like this (if there are even any available), the workers have very challenging jobs. This is something we learned quickly while watching the reality show.

Below Deck Season 9 on Bravo

Source: Bravo

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But, since Below DeckIt is shot in beautiful tropical locations. For long-time fans of the show, you’ll already know that eight out of the past nine seasons have been filmed in the Caribbean.

This rule was broken only when Season 6 was shot from Tahiti in 2018. So, it’s not going to be a surprise to learn that the Season 9 location is in the Caribbean, too. Crew members will be working from the luxury yacht just off St. Kitts.

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The larger of the two Caribbean Islands, which also includes Nevis, is quickly becoming a trendy island for the superyachts — like the one the Below Deck crew work on — to park for the winter before setting out when the weather is warmer elsewhere.

The crew members aboard the yacht likely won’t get to experience the extreme beauty of St. Kitts during the winter-park time of the season. Instead of relaxing in the warm waters or hiking through the stunning landscape of the island’s tropical forests and lava formations, the crew members will be able to swim and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Below Deck Crew will enjoy the view from the boat as they work.

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Below Deck is looking for new crew members to join Season 9.

My Seanna, the yacht in Season 9, was featured on the series previously, including Season 6 as well as Season 8. The crew is typically commanded by Captain Lee Rosbach who has been a fixture for eight years.

However, there’s been a change in leadership this year. There was no wrongdoing by Captain Rosbach, but something had got to do with it.

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Bravo’s promo trailer revealed that the captain of long-standing Bravo has been called in sick and must leave the shop to take care of personal business on land. Captain Sean Meagher takes over in his absence.

Below Deck Season 9 New Captain

Source: Bravo

It’s not known yet if the captain change is temporary or permanent. He’s not going to be the only new face, but thankfully some favorites are returning this season, including chef Rachel Hargrove and first mate Eddie Lucas.

Below DeckSeason 9 will air Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.