Logan Paul is interested in fighting in UFC, but was once knocked out by a title challenger.


Paul, who called for a fight with the UFC recently, flew to Las Vegas to spar against Paulo Costa. But was knocked out in the middleweight knockout.

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John Kavanagh “would love”Logan and Jake Paul can be trained

After Logan Paul was beaten by UFC middleweight Paulo Costa, footage of the fight has been re-emerged.

Paul traveled to Las Vegas in 2020 with Costa. He was at that time undefeated in his professional life. Paul and Costa trained together at the UFC Performance Institute the next day, but it wasn’t a good experience for them.

The 27-year-old wore a headgear while sparring with Costa. He held his own until he was knocked unconscious by a Brazilian overhand. Paul was then assisted to his feet and helped by Walid Ismail, Costa’s manager, and MMA coach Captain’ Eric Albacarrain. “How did I do, did I do good?”.

After sparring against Costa, Paul proved his wrestling abilities. The UFC middleweight tried everything to get Paul down, but Paul was able avoid being pinned on the mat.

Paul then hears from Ismail that he can “definitely”Because of his determination, and his wrestling skills, he chose to do MMA. Costa also expressed his admiration for the YouTube star’s ability to be with fighters of his caliber.

“90 per cent of guys who go to train MMA have good technique, but not hard spirit, not a big heart. You have both, thank you,”He told Paul.

Paul described the tension he felt when he arrived at the UFC’s training center. He stated that Costa was friendly with him during the sparring and dinner, and they got along well.

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“You walk in and there are fighters everywhere, this is not like a gym. These are all very lethal human beings who are ready to kick everybody’s a** at a moment’s notice. Everyone’s got a little dark, red energy around them. I’m a little on edge,”Paul stated this on his Impaulsive podcast.

“I’ve never met a human being who is more of an actual animal than Paulo Costa, this dude sleeps around 10 to 13 hours a day and just beats people’s a**. He’s cool as f***, when I sparred with him he was trying to kill me, then I saw him at the UFC fight and it’s like a switch, killer instinct.”

Paul called for a fight between UFC lightweight Paddy Pimblett and Paul, despite the fact that he is almost 40lbs heavier than the Liverpudlian. Pimblett seemed open to the fight, dismissing the size gap between them and predicting that he could still submit the YouTuber.