Loose Women pulled off air because ITV offers pre-recorded material instead


After This Morning had been removed from its regular schedule slot on Thursday, March 10, Loose Women was shown on ITV.

This happens after This Morning was suddenly canceled without explanation 15 minutes early.

ITV viewers found it suspicious and used social media to post updates and thoughts.

One fan quoted Transport For London’s tweet and stated: “So this why?”@thismorning and @loosewomen have abruptly changed scheduling, hope everyone nearby is ok.”

Tweet from the company: “White City and Wood Lane stations closed: While the police respond to a security alert outside the station.”

Both casts of the shows were feared by fans

Another viewer wrote, “Do hope all at.” @itv @thismorning @loosewomen are ok ? ITV playing all pre recordings”

The third is penned “So this must be why the shows gone off air. Hope everything’s okay #thismorning”

“Is this the reason why #ThisMorning is showing emergency tapes?! hope everyone is okay,”Another thought.

ITV aired an emergency recording instead of Loose Women

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