Lord Sugar was mocked for desperately begging Graham Norton to appear on his BBC chat program


Lord Sugar’s request to Graham Norton, BBC Chat Show host, for permission to appear on his popular show in promotion of The Apprentice has been widely mocked online.

The pandemic caused a two-year hiatus in The Apprentice, which saw the highly anticipated BBC series return to BBC television last week.

Viewers were delighted to see a new batch of business tycoons compete in a number of challenges for the £250,000 prize fund and business investment from Lord Sugar.

Lord Sugar, a millionaire businessman, asked Graham on Twitter if he would be available to talk about The Apprentice’s newest series.

Lord Sugar’s first tweet at Graham: “It’s been ages since I’ve been on your show. I’m in Miami and can zoom in anytime.”

Lord Sugar
Lord Sugar wanted to be able to make it to Graham’s BBC1 chatshow.

Another tweet said: “It’s about time you gave @bbcapprentice a boost after so long. It’s breaking all records with viewing figures.”

Lord Sugar wrapped up his desperate plea and added: “You might find me a bit boring, but I have some good anecdotes CAN YOU DM ME?”

After Lord Sugar’s plea, some of his 5.2 Million Twitter followers were in shock.

Lord Sugar
Graham hasn’t yet responded publicly to Lord Sugar’s tweets

One user commented: “Hilarious when you have to beg to be on a show.”

Another penned: “This is the unintentionally funny content I follow Lord Sugar for.”

Many wondered why Lord Sugar made such a bizarre encounter and asked for help via social media.

Some speculated that Lord Sugar’s strange request could be because of low viewing figures for The Apprentice, thus leading to his attempts to give The Apprentice a boost.

Baroness Brady, Lord Sugar and Tim Campbell
Last week, Baroness Brady and Lord Sugar returned to television screens. Tim Campbell also returned to TV screens.

One Twitter user wrote: “Breaking viewing records but needs a boost come on Lord, one of your fame hungry apprentices could have done a better job in seeking promo personally I can’t believe it got commissioned for yet another series.”

Last week’s Apprentice saw series one winner Tim Campbell replace Claude Littner as Lord Sugar’s aide.

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