Loretta Lynn’s daughter Peggy shares her final moments with Country Legend before death


Loretta Lynn is the mother of Loretta Lynn’s child Talking about the death of her mother, her legend on Oct. 4.Here is a glimpse at the last days of the singer. Peggy Lynn shared her mother’s thoughts with her in a conversation she had with her the day before her death.

“Today I kissed my precious mom goodbye. She looked so peaceful like a sleeping angel,”She also wrote about social media. “She is beautiful even in death …she just has this amazing radiance that is so unique and timeless. I could barely tear my arms from around her. I didn’t want her to leave us. I felt possessive and selfish and broken … utterly broken.”

Today was the last day I saw my precious mom. She looked like a peaceful sleeping angel. She is so beautiful..even in…

Published by Peggy L. MarchettiOn Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The long tribute captures Lynn and her daughters as well as the many struggles they have experienced over the years. Peggy Lynn finally reveals that her mother knew she was dying.

“I am thankful for she left this world gently through in the night. Daddy just came a took her hand and they are together in each others arms [I] know,” Lynn writes. “It was so surreal because yesterday mom was talking and very antimated telling us .I am ready to go to heaven..Doo is coming to take me home..they told me I’m really going home..she really said that yesterday…She knew..She just knew and was happy..she said she was going to be with daddy.”

Loretta Lynn, 90, died on October 4. This icon of country music is well-known both inside and outside the music industry. The film is based on her life story. The Daughter of a Coal MinerNamed after Lynn’s song, the film starred SissySpacek. Spacek won the best actress Oscar for her role and Lynn’s story was firmly rooted in pop culture history.

Lynn made her debut record in 1960 as part of a Buck Owens talent competition. She would be a part of the Grand Old Opry in 1962 and 1966, and would enter the top 10 in 1966 together with Dear Uncle Sam. This would quickly make Lynn a legendary singer. Lynn ended her career as the most highly-awarded female country singer of all time. She was awarded a presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013 and entered the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (1983), the Country Music Hall of Fame (1988) and the Songwriters Hall of Fame (2008).

Peggy Lynn, despite suffering a stroke over the years, reveals that her mother loved music even though she was ill. “Mom over these last few years after her stroke so missed her fans`,her music, her friends. singing and preforming , She missed her tour bus, her dresses and most of all her connection to her audience,”She also added her daughter. “She spoke about going back on tour again and singing all the time. She would sing all the time at home..she would scare the caregivers to death when in the middle of the night break out in song at the top of her lungs. She was and will always be Loretta Lynn.”

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