Los Angeles Officials Agree to Clean Hoarder House That’s Been a Problem for 10 Years


It’s what one Los Angeles neighborhood has been waiting for. Officials are finally heading into a hoarder house, with trash around it stacked 8 feet high, to clean it up.

“I’m finally glad something is being done about it,”Edward Lim, a neighbor, stated.

“I’m so happy. I’m so happy. Everyone is so happy.”Leticia Ruiz is another added.

Especially since Ruiz says she’s been complaining to officials in her Koreatown neighborhood for the last ten years.

According to a spokesperson for the city attorney’s Office, Tuesday was the day that the case was brought to court. The homeowner signed off and gave permission for city crews to remove all garbage.

As it turns out, the homeowner is a 90 year-old woman, but her son is responsible for the mess. 

It’s been a problem since her teens, a family friend said. They are concerned for her safety. She can’t walk and has fallen multiple times.

To ensure safety and health, firefighters, ambulance crews, and representatives from Mark Ridley Thomas’ city council office visited the residence.

She was so, she signed an agreement for the city’s cleaning of the property.

Now the neighbors have to wait for it to actually happen.