Louise Thompson admits she suffers from PTSD after almost dying following traumatic birth


Made In Chelsea’sLouise Thomson has stated that she suffers from PTSD because she nearly died while giving birth to her son.

The 31-year old was admitted to the hospital five weeks after Leo’s birth. She was left with ‘various serious complications’.

Louise posted a detailed account on Instagram of the traumatizing birth and shared it with others. “depressive panic episodes” she is facing and said she spent New Year’s Day in A&E.

Louise had shared the long post and a sweet snap of Leo in her cradle, which she shares along Ryan Libbey. The dog was snuggled up next Louise.

She said: “I can only write when I am not having a depressive panic episode and luckily right now I am not.”

Louise Thompson
Louise Thompson has struggled with PTSD ever since her traumatic birth.

She also added: “My panic episodes can last hours or days and are totally unpredictable. When I’m having one I can’t function, I can’t look after myself, let alone anyone else around me. I can’t even spell my name. I can’t see, I can’t hear, I can’t look anyone in the eye.”

Reality star shared her physical symptoms, which included nausea, dizziness and fainting, as well as pain, dizziness and dizziness.

Louise Thompson
Louise was almost dead during her birth, and she spent five weeks at the hospital.

Louise said that she is unsure if mental reactions are causing physical symptoms but added: “Things seem to be getting worse.”

She continued: “I’m doing everything I can to try not to spiral… but my subconscious thinks that I’m dying all the time.

“Although I believe I have buried my experiences, they are still coming back to haunt. Every day.

Louise Thompson
After he proposed to her on a hike in Los Angeles, the couple got engaged in 2018.

Louise ended her post by reaching to all those who have been there. “trapped in this world of PTSD” .

She said: “If you are struggling with mental health problems, know that you are not alone – we are all in this together.”

Louise first appeared in Made In Chelsea’s 2011 series. She went on to become one the show’s main characters. Ryan Libbey, her partner, joined the cast when the series was shooting in the south.

You can reach out to the Samaritans 24/7 helpline at 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.org for emotional support. Or, you can visit a Samaritans branch, or go online.

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