Louisiana Woman, 105 Years Old, Sets Record for Her Age Group with 100-Meter Run


Recently, a Louisiana woman broke the records. At 105 years young, Julia Hawkins became the first American to run 100 meters in her age group. 

Although she seems to be a remarkable person, it doesn’t seem like so to others. 

“I had too many other wonderful things before this,”She divulges. “This is just a drop in the bucket.”

With a flower in her hair, and cheering supporters cheering her on, she completed her record-breaking run in under 63 seconds.

Hawkins runs about a mile per day in the vicinity of her Baton Rouge home. Her home has been somewhat empty since Murray died.

“I couldn’t imagine being this old,”She spoke. “Without him, it’s not the same. It’s not quite as wonderful.”

She keeps going, gardening and running to keep herself busy. She says that he is always in her thoughts. 

“I don’t have a dream. I just want to go to sleep and let it end. That’s what my husband did. We were sleeping together, and he sang love songs to me that night — wonderful songs.”

Hawkins will continue to live life at the speed of light until then. 

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