Love Is Blind’s Bartise admits that he made a mistake “Mess”Show


Love is blind star Bartise Bowden He confessed that he didn’t manage himself well during the show.

The latest episodes of Love is blind That was Oct. 26 and the couples got together for the pool party from hell. Bartise Bowden couldn’t stop telling his ex Raven Ross how hot she is, telling the other guys how hot Raven is and basically telling anyone who would listen, including his fiancée Nancy Rodriguez, how hot Raven is. 

It seems that he is now recognizing his mistakes. 

In a TikTok was posted Oct. 29,  he responded to one user who said, “What…wow B, wow. Just finished watching Episodes 5-7.

“Bartise’s response?  “Bravo for making it this far.” the Texas native said on camera. “I don’t know why you didn’t just fast-forward my parts or get rid of that sh-t because it was such a mess. Oh my god.”

When Bartise and Nancy went back to their room that night, he simply couldn’t resist bringing Raven up again, telling her how “f–king gorgeous”He is telling her that Raven and his Pilates instructor are making sense to her naked eye.

Also, the show featured the couple disagreeing about their political views. This raised questions about their compatibility as well as family approval.

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