Love Island couple sets out to have a sexy romp in the villa of their bosses. This is sure to send sparks flying


Love Island 2022 promises to be more seductive than ever thanks to unique feng Shui surrounding the villa.

Ekin-Su, and Afia are two new bombshells that have already caused a stir. Viewers predict Ekin-Su might be about to humble Gemma Owen.

The series will feature more sensual touches than ever before, with InbaalHonigman, a celebrity psychic giving details about the unique position of the villa. “physical touch, hugging and stroking”.

Silver Screen Beat is her exclusive source of information. “In terms of Feng Shui, the high mountain which we see right at the back of the house, is actually very lucky, and provides a connection to the heavens.

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Love Island
The stars of this year are going to be more erratic than ever

“Could we have a very spiritual bunch in this summer? Expect some talk of star signs and manifesting. A high mountain at the back of a house signifies safety and security, like a high back chair.”

She also added: “The sprawling meadow at the front of the house suggests peace and tranquillity. This feels like a safe bit of land. It is very unlikely that any disasters or tragedies occurred in that location, and this has likely always been farming land, which is very positive for the contestants.

“The earth element is responsible for farming lands and is also associated with touch, hugging, and stroking.

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Love Island
There has also been talk about threesomes.

As Inbaal pointed out, it won’t all be love in there. “vindictive and catty”.

She explained: “There’s an interesting union of opposites, between the high mountains behind the house, and the low valley in front. Another set of opposites is the high part of the house and the low structure.

“Two things tell me about the show: first, the highs will be high and the lows will be low. While we will be able to make romantic connections and even true love with some of our characters, the fights will not only be violent and catty but will also have some beautiful and intimate moments.

Inbaal, a celebrity psychic, has spoken out about the villa’s feng-shui.

“Secondly, we’re likely to see couples who aren’t the obvious choice for one another. Not two athletic types together and two comedians together, but a love story of a sporty babe and a funny bloke.”

Inbaal said that the villa’s design will be enhanced by the use of muted colors.

She stated: “The colours and styling are very muted, which again invokes the earth element, bringing physical touch to the fore. The couples will connect not via how they look to each other, but how they feel.

“As opposed to the colourful villas of the past, the neutral colors give us a background that allows the personalities of the contestants to shine.

“This season is about the lovers themselves, not about the glitz.”

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2

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