Love Island fans notice Laura Whitmore’s lipstick staining mistakes in make-up


Aftersun’s Sunday evening show (June 26), Love Island fans were horrified to see Laura Whitmore with lipstick on her teeth.

Laura and her panel discussed the highlights of the week on the show, but Laura was distracted by a make-up error.

Laura, 37, was unaware of the red lipstick on her lips and continued to work like a professional, even though it looked like she had just stepped out from a horror movie.

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After returning from Glastonbury’s hen weekend, Laura hosted the Sunday late-night spin-off on the internet.

Laura Whitmore's make-up faux pa saw her teeth smeared in her own lipstick
Laura Whitmore’s faux-pa made her teeth look fake. She used her own lipstick to make her lips look more natural.

But, the fans back home couldn’t wait for this to be pointed out online. One person posted: “Poor Laura Whitmore! Surely someone realised her lipstick was all over her teeth!

“Even if she heard something, she could still discreetly (or not) correct the problem by asking for a tissue.”

A second said: “Nahh who’s letting Laura Whitmore sit there with THAT much lipstick on her teeth?”, while another fan of the show commented: “Why did no one tell Laura it’s not a good idea to chew on a crayon before going live.”

Host Laura Whitmore eventually wiped the lipstick off her teeth, but not before fans of the show tweeted their thoughts on it
Laura eventually took the lipstick off her lips, but not before viewers of the show had tweeted their opinions

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One critic of the host however was quick to condemn her, using this line: “The only half-exciting thing to happen involving Laura Whitmore since she started presenting Love Island.”

When cameras stopped showing her dazzling white teeth later in the program, fans changed their tune.

One wrote: “Thank you to whoever told Laura about the lipstick on her teeth.”