Love Island fans spot disorienting Remi details during Ekin Su and Davide’s blazing row


Love Island fans were distracted by Ekin-Su’s row with Davide when they noticed something odd about Remi.

Davide was furious at Ekin-Su’s kissing Jay on the terrace. Davide then snapped at Ekin, claiming that she had cheated. “doesn’t exist”.

The villa was divided by Ekin-Su’s accusations of disrespecting Davide and lying about it. “I’ve not done anything wrong.”

Davide was then able to make sense of her words by asking her for a “calm chat”He didn’t shout, but he wasn’t having it.

Remi was busy fighting another battle while his fans became distracted during Ekin Su’s row.

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Fans were distracted from something else while the fight went on.

One Reddit user saw the opportunity and wrote: “Did anyone catch Remi freak out about a bug amidst the drama?”

“Remi is ready to fight off every f***ing bug in that place,” someone else giggled.

Another fan repeated the words: “Remi swinging on the bug like that while all this going on!”One is penned, and another is: “Remi is on the sideline fighting bugs!”

“Give that bug a BAFTA!” someone else giggled.

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Remi was busy fighting for his freedom

Davide was a fervent screamer at Ekin during the epic row “You are a liar, an actress!”

Ekin, on the other hand, burst into tears as she attacked him. “rude”Tell the girls: “It’s not like I’ve just switched now. You all knew for days I wanted something out of Davide, I’ve been telling everyone.”

Andrew stated: “It might just take him a bit longer. We’ve only been here for a week and a half.”

Ekin-Su was left in pain

Ekin insisted: “This guy walks in asking questions about me, and I wanted Davide to do that to me. And he didn’t. He’s just saying I don’t exist and all this horrible stuff and he’s not noticed that I genuinely cared.”

She sniffed: “It’s just not nice.”

Indiyah, however, wasn’t having any of it. “I know that she’s upset, but like, are you crying because you’re upset or are you crying because you got caught?”

Ekin insisted that she “didn’t get to the point”Davide by lying through her tears.

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