Love Island star looks very different after getting £1k of filler in her face dissolved


After once spending £1,000 to fill her face with filler before appearing on Love Island, AJ Bunker seems to have opted for a more natural look since her time in the villa

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Love Island’s AJ Bunker answers fans’ questions on live Q&A

AJ Bunker, a former Love Island contestant, is now embracing a natural look.

The reality TV star at 28 appears to have dropped the tweaks and disintegrated all the filler.

AJ, who appeared on the 2021 series of ITV2’s show, was young and fresh at the Bat Out of Hell premiere Tuesday night.

In the past, the reality TV star has admitted to spending £1,000 a month on filler, in a bid to look younger.

AJ, however, looked as if she’d followed the lead of other celebrities and stopped using filler injections while she posed at the New Wimbledon Theatre.

Hertfordshire’s hair extension technician looked amazing in leather-look trousers, a sheer bustier and stunning black lipstick. She enjoyed a night at the musical Meat Loaf’s greatest songs.

AJ shared her story about the cruel trolling that she endured after her stint with Love Island last year.

The star, who goes by Andrea-Jane as her nickname, was initially a bombshell. But some insensitive viewers soon dubbed her “granny” due to the fact that she was slightly older than the average villa resident.

AJ would later reveal that she spent £1,000 getting filler pumped into her face four times in a month ahead of her stint on the dating show.

Speaking to Silver Screen Beat in November 2021, the reality TV star confessed to worrying about her appearance before splashing out £250 a go for 0.5ml cheek and 1ml lip injections.

When she was called last minute to pack her bags to go to the villa, the 28-year old feared that she would be watching television.

She explained: “I was hoping it would make me look younger, because I had this line under my eye which I thought looked like a big wrinkle or an eye bag; I didn’t want to look tired. I spent all this money but it did the opposite.”

AJ confessed that she felt guilty about her feelings. “looked like a hamster”She watched her episodes once she returned from home.

Rather sad, she also agreed to some of the cruel comments made by Love Island viewers who called her ‘granny AJ.

The show’s summer 2021 episode featured the star of the show. Her brief stay was sweet. She fell in love with Hugo Hammond, a teacher at the time.

AJ believes she would have been able to forge a more successful relationship with the boys if they had not been so young.

Silver Screen Beat spoke to AJ last year. He said that he was being trolled for being a granny. That’s the only thing I didn’t understand when I entered the room, being 28 years old and the boys being 21-22. Only Teddy was older than 26 years old, so the rest were so young.

“Also in my head I think, is a 21-year-old looking for something long term? Because when I was 21, I didn’t even, you know.

“Yes, they need to revise this because you know that older women are being included in the list, women who have reached a certain age.