Love Island’s Ekin Su shouts Jay “deserves an Oscar” in an explosive row


Jay and Ekin Su, the Love Island couple, were on the scene as a teaser to tomorrow’s ITV2 episode.

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Love Island: Jay and Ekin Su come to blows in teaser

Tomorrow’s episode on Love Island will see Jay and Ekin-Su get into an epic fight. Jay turns his affections towards Paige.

After Antigoni arrived in the villa, the new bombshell made it possible for the couple to hit the ground running on Wednesday. Thursday’s promo promises more drama.

The teaser clip shows the couple sitting by the firepit talking about their relationship, before Ekin-Su rose up and shouted “he!” “deserved an Oscar”He admitted that he was in love with Paige, an Islander.

Ekin-Su said: “It’s just hit me now what you’ve done. You’re telling me you want to get to know Paige. She’s in a secure relationship. Do you know how muggy that makes you look?

“I thought I was the best player in the villa, but it’s you who is the best. You are the best Oscar here.”

Clapping, Ekin-Su sarcastically told him “well done” before she stood up and stormed off, telling Jay ot “f*** off”.

Love Island fans were treated to a dramatic episode on Wednesday, as new bombshell Antigoni entered the villa and made herself comfortable on one of the sun loungers in the garden.

The boys suddenly spotted the new arrival sunbathing, with Dami running off to spread the news as the Islanders headed outside to meet Antigoni for the first time.

Speaking in the Beach Hut about her arrival, Danica said: “She looks like a ray of sunshine – she’s radiant! But obviously I’m like, ‘What is going to happen next?’ Because I still haven’t found myself a man in here.”

At the fire pit, the Islanders were keen to know who Antigoni had got her eye on as Luca jokily asked if she fancied Jay.

Antigoni said: “I’ll have to meet everybody. I’m very much the kind of person that I don’t know if I fancy someone until I’ve had a good chat with them.”

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Jay said: “Seeing someone new in the Villa for the first time, it’s surreal! She’s a really attractive girl and I’m looking forward to getting to know her.”

Then, in later scenes in the episode, the Islanders were getting ready for the evening when Ekin-Su received a bombshell text.

Reading the message to the fellow girls, she said: “Girls, it’s time to get glam as tonight you’ll be welcoming a new boy into the Villa.”

Charlie Radnege joined to spark chaos among the boys and didn’t get a warm welcome, with Luca Bish saying: “F*** off, Charlie” at the news he was joining the villa.

Speaking before going into the villa, Charlie made his favourite girls clear – and it could be bad news for Andrew Le Page.

He said: “Paige, Ekin-Su and Tasha. But I’m keeping an open mind until I meet them. I might get on with someone I didn’t fancy before.”

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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