Love Island’s Faye Winter shows incredible makeunder after giving up lip fillers


Faye Winter told Love Island fans that she had her lip fillers removed because she no longer needs them to look so large. She has since gone through a more natural-looking procedure called the lip flip.

Faye Winter of Love Island has displayed the results from her surprise new makeover, saying goodbye to lip fillers.

The villa influencer was famous for her large lips. She has since opted to go natural with a lip flip, which is a process that gives the lips a natural look.

Faye, who was in bed with Teddy Soares while answering questions on Instagram, explained why she decided to dissolve her fillers.

She stated: “Dissolving my lip fillers didn’t hurt; I love having needles in my face though – I’m a bit of a weirdo.

“Because I had another procedure, I didn’t require them to be as big. The lip flip was performed so they look more natural and don’t have to be as large.”

The painful sounding lip flip is a cosmetic procedure where Botox is injected into the muscle immediately above the top lip.

The Botox relaxes the muscle, which causes the lip to flip up, giving the appearance of a fuller lip.

Faye also shared before and after shots of her lips with and without filler and after her latest procedure.

As she answered fans’ questions in the video Teddy rolled over and gave his girlfriend a kiss to which Faye jokes: “Why aren’t you in my personal space?””

The pair, who came third on this series’ Love Island recently moved into their first home together.

The reality stars couldn’t stop smiling as they shared shots of the stunning home, which they now plan to renovate to Faye’s exacting standards.

Taking to Instagram, the pair showed off the properties spacious entranceway, posing playfully on the home’s huge statement staircase.

The lettings agent wrote: “HOME,”

“We are so lucky to be able to share this amazing journey together and with you all!

“We have lots of work to do and can’t wait to show you everything along the way!”

Faye Home is a 26-year-old real estate and property brand founded by Faye.

It will begin as a YouTube video series with social content for her followers. She plans to expand the reach of the channel and create a homeware brand.

She excitedly shared her excitement with her fans by saying: “My new YouTube will help me find out what people want to see more of, and then from that, I will then decide where I wanna go with it.”