Love Island’s first couple is ‘discovered’ by racy tattoo that shows secret connection with islander


Love Island 2022 will kick off this summer with a new batch of contestants who are looking for romance.

It is well-known that how Islanders look plays a major role in their reality TV relationships. Their personal choices in body art give some clues about who they are.

A new season brings a new set of tattoos to adorn the bodies of contestants. This year’s love hunters are no exception.

These Islanders’ body art can be used to communicate a number of things, from a mysterious wolf to signify an alpha male stance to warnings about a sting in their tails with a powerful scorpion.

Andrew Le Page

Love Island cast 2022
Andrew is just getting started in his tattoo journey

Andrew, a luxury Dubai-based agent for estates, has one inking on his left arm that depicts a majestic-looking wolf.

Andrew’s innocent-looking animal design may seem like a portrait of his favourite pet animal. However, the true meaning of the image is deeper. Andrew could be fiercely loyal and protective with the strength to keep his eyes on what he wants.

Love Island cast 2022
Andrew might be a strong and loyal partner, as the mystical Wolf shows.

Silver Screen Beat spoke with Melissa Bell, a tattoo expert who specializes in topical tattoos. “In regards to Andrew Le Page’s tattoos wolf, his first tattoo with potentially many more to come, this might be the true marking of an alpha.

“Andrew will most likely be the one to dedicate his time to a single person this season, with the wolf symbolizing determination, love and loyalty to the pack. A wolf will follow his instincts for the right moves regardless of whether it’s love or lust.

Luca Bish

Love Island cast 2022
Luca is a highly decorated torso with arms

Luca is a student at the Harry Styles school for tattoos. His body contains simple designs, ranging from letters and wording up to a serpent or scorpion – which can be used as a warning sign to any potential romantic partners.

A scorpion is a sign of strength, danger, defense, intimidation, and even evil. However, Luca’s body artwork could be less complicated and more fashion-based.

Harry Styles
Luca’s tattoos are reminiscent of Harry Styles inkings

Melissa said: “Tattoos have a different meaning for all who adorn the intricate works of art. From historical references and family crests to individual pieces that symbolise something deeper for the person sporting the tattoo.

“Luca has a few tattoos almost identical to Harry Styles’. Twitter fans joked about Luca’s lack creativity and suggested that Luca might have entered his tattoo artist’s shop and said something like, “I’ll get what he’s getting.”

Love Island cast 2022
Luca’s choice ink might indicate that he has a sting for his tail

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“Perhaps Luca should’ve tried a few tattoos before committing himself to one. However, I believe this season will reveal his true determination to long-term commitment at the end of the season.”

Tasha Ghouri

Love Island cast 2022
Tasha chose subtlety for this small hidden tattoo

Tasha could have been mistaken for not having any tattoos. Only the most observant among us will have seen her tiny snake inking on her right boob.

Although Tasha’s choice ink is tiny and easy to miss, the meaning of the serpent symbol is far more profound.

Her tattoo may be perfect for an Islander, since snakes represent temptation and rebirth, creativity and power, and one Islander is in particular.

Love Island cast 2022
Tasha’s body art might make her a great match for Luca

Melissa explained: “Tasha might be predicted to be the creative fearless one in the group shown by the snake tattoo under her right breast.

“Through human history, the snake has been a symbol of strength, imagination, immortality and fertility. Perhaps the tattoos of Luca and her are a sign that they are a matching couple/couple?

Dami Hope

Love Island cast 2022
Dami’s forearm features intricate designs

Dami has several intricate designs all over his left forearm. However, there aren’t enough close-up photographs of the inkings for Dami to be able give a description.

He hails from Dublin, Ireland’s capital. His love for fashion has led him to often pose in extravagant locations.

His body art could be a strong indicator that he enjoys leading and being at the forefront of a group situation. We can only hope that we will see him take the lead amongst Islanders.

Love Island cast 2022
Dami’s passion could make him a leader in a group.

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Love Island returns Monday, June 6th at 9:59pm on Channel ITV2.

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