Lucy Lawless questions Temuera Morrison Exclusive Clip


Comedy-drama TV show, Alexa Crowe stars Lucy Lawless as private investigator. My Life is Murder. In the next episode of the third season, the 54 year-old actress faces off against a Star Wars alum in the battle for her heart. has obtained a clip from the Season 3 episode. “The Village”where she is seen questioning Temuera, who recently starred on the Disney+ seriesThe Book of Boba Fett.The clip features Alexa talking to Frankie (Morrison), about his wife, who has died. She also wants to know Frankie’s activities on the night of his wife’s death. The complete episode can be viewed on Monday Oct. 17 Acorn TV. 

The official synopsis of season 3 reads: “Alexa Crowe is back in her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand with ten new intriguing cases that pit her against fascinating, powerful and surprising suspects each week – everyone from eccentric billionaires to grieving florists, and tango dancers to fiery fashionistas. The only thing they have in common is that none of them are expecting Alexa’s unique brand of crime-solving, but they quickly learn that you underestimate Alexa Crowe at your own risk.”   

Lawless spoke about Alexa in a recent interview. “Alexa is a bit of a teenager in some ways,”She said. “Then she had the sort of grown-up period and now that her husband’s dead and she’s no longer a cop, she’s kind of a slightly reverting to her old ways. So she’s pretty mischievous and, hanging out with younger people. Sometimes you can’t tell who’s the grown-up. Is it Madison? Is it Alexa? She’s kind of naughty.”

Lawless was also questioned about what fans can expect from Season 3 on My life is Murder. “We’re dishing up all that delicious intrigue that happens in beautiful worlds so it’s still the same show,”She shared her secrets. “But I think that the mysteries have gotten a little bit richer. I’m very proud of the stories that we’re telling at the moment and there’s some fun new characters come into Alexa’s life.”My Life is Murder Also stars Ebony vagulans, Bernard Curry and Rawiri Jobe as well as Martin Henderson, Joe Naufahu, Tatum Warren-Ngata, and Martin Henderson.

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