Lucy Mecklenburgh, Ryan Thomas and their partner named baby Ryan Thomas


Lucy Mecklenburgh (ex-star of The Only Way is Essex) has revealed that Ryan Thomas and her have chosen a name to their daughter, but have yet share it with the public.

Last month, the reality TV star, who is now 30, gave birth to her second baby with her actor boyfriend, 38.

Roman Thomas, two years old, is already a parent to Ryan. Ryan also has a daughter, Scarlett Thomas, 13, from Tina O’Brien’s 38-year-old relationship.

Fans had been waiting to see the couple choose a name. The baby is only a few weeks old. Lucy now says that they have chosen one.

She revealed in a Q&A with her followers on Instagram on Saturday (June 18) that her and Ryan – best known for playing Jason Grimshaw on Coronation Street – had made their choice.

Lucy Mecklenburgh and Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas and Lucy Mecklenburgh are happy to be parents.

Lucy, who was on Towie between 2010 and 2013, did not reveal her name to her fans. Instead, she teased that it would be revealed in the future.

A follower asked in the Q&A: “Have you named her yet?”In answer to the question, she said: “We have!”And, there was more: “I’ll post her name later.”

She has previously shared her feelings about the birth and subsequent adoption of her second child. “really positive and calm,”She described it as “quite quick and so special”.

Lucy Mecklenburgh
Lucy Mecklenburgh stated that Ryan Thomas and she have chosen a name for their baby girl, but are yet to reveal the name.

Lucy shared her thoughts on how it feels to manage two young children. “military operation”Although she assured Ryan and her that they were fine, “work as a team”.

She explained that she breastfeeds their baby and changes it, while Ryan bathes, feeds, and plays with Roman.

Fans will likely have to wait for the name of the couple’s baby girl, as Lucy will soon reveal her choice on her Instagram.

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