Lucy Westlake, Becoming Youngest American Woman To Reach Mount Everest Summit: “It’s Indescribable”


Mount Everest is the highest mountain above sea level. Even the most experienced climbers have difficulty scaling it. A Naperville high school senior, aged 18, has now become the youngest American woman to reach the top of the mountain.

After climbing 29,032 feet to make it to the top of the world’s tallest mountain, Lucy Westlake hopes to inspire other young people with her story.

“It’s indescribable, it was so amazing,”Westlake shared Inside Edition’s news from Nepal.

She shared her Instagram journey, including moments when she slept using an oxygen mask or when she was able tan.  

“When you got there it just felt like you were literally on top of the world, she said. “I just love the adrenaline of it. The way you’re able to push yourself.”

Westlake’s proud parents, Rodney and Amy, said she began climbing when she was 7. When it became clear she was ready to take on Mount Everest, her parents gave her their permission.

She was accompanied by her father to Base Camp and then went up the mountain on her own.

Westlake wore a satellite tracker so her parents would know where she was at any moment.

The adventure took 26 tough days to complete. Now, Westlake’s goal is to inspire other teens.

“I just wanted them to see someone like them up there,”She said.

Westlake will graduate highschool this month. She also celebrated this achievement while she was on the mountain.


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