Lurpak butter tested against Aldi, Lidl and Morrisons versions – with one clear winner


Popular Danish butter brand Lurpak has become a household favourite – but now budget supermarkets, including Aldi, Lidl, and Morrisons, have rolled out their own spreads

One supermarket version of household staple Lurpak has trumped the original in a taste test.

Though the butter market has opened up in recent years, the usual go-to for many Brits is the rather popular Danish brand, Lurpak.

The fan-favourite has made itself a reputation for the number one dairy product to slather on your baked potato or to spread, generously, over your morning toast.

The brand has a global appeal too, having won the “best butter in the world” title at the 2018 World Championship Cheese Contest.

With its popularity, it’s no surprise that Lurpak is on the pricier side of butter – which budget supermarkets have addressed by offering similar high-quality spreads while keeping the price down.

But, is there a cheaper alternative to the popular – but costly – Lurpak butter?

Well, that’s what Alice Suffield from Wales Online set out to find out after she picked up a few supermarket branded butters and tested them against the mighty Lurpak.


Setting the standards for the test, Alice began with Lurpak which she says has been a “consistent staple in my fridge.”

Of course, the Lurpak butter continued to be the butter that we all know and love when she popped it on to her toast.

She said: “Easy to spread, melted to perfection on the warm toast, and tasted as it has for years, satisfyingly savoury, tasting just as butter should.

The price did not taste as good however, as at £3.65 it is the most expensive of our spreads, but it is to be expected from a household brand.”

Alice does admit that the quality and the price do match each other, but it was worth finding out if maybe she could switch to a cheaper supermarket version.

Nordpak – Aldi

Up first was the brand that has become pretty popular for providing popular supermarket dupes that are still big on quality, but low on price.

In terms of the packaging, Alice did notice that Aldi’s Norpak is eerily similar to it’s branded competitor.

As for the overall taste, it was found that the supermarket’s version didn’t taste “as strong as Lurpak”, but that was not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, Alice found that the spread didn’t overpower the toast, unlike Lurpak, which is something that she never noticed before.

She did find that it was arguably the hardest to spread out of all the butters, but that was rectified once she left it to melt on the toast for a little while.

She added: “The price was much more reasonable, costing £1.99 for a 500g tub. When compared to the brand, it seems a sensible swap to make, with a saving of over £1.50.”

Danpak – Lidl

Next up on the list was the popular budget supermarket Lidl with their own Danpak which cost just £1.89 – the cheapest of the bunch.

After giving a whirl, Alice found that Lidl missed the mark with this one, as the taste was “unremarkable” because it didn’t really stand out compared to the others.

Alice said: “Sadly for me, the taste was unremarkable, you could tell it was butter, but it didn’t have the same stand-out savoury flavour that the two previous butters did.

Whilst it did spread and melt with ease, I would rather pay the extra 10p for Aldi’s Nordpak.”

Spreadable – Morrisons

Last on the list was Morrisons with their very own version of Lurpak, which was, once again, eerily similar to the original.

After trying this one out, Alice did find that Morrisons Spreadable was rather different to their other options she had tasted at this point, due to being a bit sweeter.

She said: “Of the three, this one was the sweetest. The rest specified that they were slightly salted, so that explains why it tasted as sweet as it did in comparison.

It still tasted like butter however, and it spread and melted like a dream.

At £2.20 for 500g, it is the second most expensive, but still over £1 cheaper than Lurpak.”

The verdict

From Alice’s responses, it looks like Aldi’s Nordpak took the crown as being a worthy substitute for her usual go-to Lurpak in the weekly shop.

The budget supermarket’s version was found to be a winner on quality and price, as well as providing a rather decent saving off £1.66.

Which is good news for families looking to keep their costs low while they get in their household essentials.

The reporter said that, after the test, Nordpak would be going into her basket from now on, while Morrisons Spreadable and Lidl’s Danpak would be left on their shelves.