Lush assistant is ‘too stunned for words’ when woman misinterprets soap as food


Jackie was shopping with her friend in Lush when she saw a free sample counter that she assumed contained food. The funny moment was captured on camera and shared by TikTok

Video of a sales assistant laughing at a woman who mistakenly thought a soap bar for food has gone viral.

Jackie was shopping in Lush with her friend when she saw a free sample of food that she wanted to try.

She was eager to try it, so she put it in her mouth.

As she did, however, the assistant to retail spotted her and was shocked at what he saw.

He then started laughing, before telling the customer that what she’d just eaten was actually a piece of soap, not food.

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Jackie shared Jackie’s video on her TikTok @jackieganskyIt has been viewed more than 2.2 Million times and received 19,000 comments by people in hysterics.


Another author wrote: “She even chewed it immediately.”

“Why would a soap store have anything other than SOAP samples? LMAOOOO,”He exclaimed a third.

Someone else put: “‘No no no it’s soap’ got me farting on the floor HAHHAAHAH.”

Later, the clip was shared on Reddit in a thread with many funny fails where users shared their stories.

“At a wedding one time, a guy at our table thought the flower-looking butter was white chocolate so he popped one in his mouth. Everyone stopped talking and just looked at him, he decided to roll with it and eat it but wasn’t thrilled,”One person.

Another option: “I was at a restaurant with my partner and dog. They brought the bill with two cookies. I, a lover of desserts, immediately pop one in my mouth while the waiter yells in exasperation ‘they’re not for humans! They were treats for my dog.”

One third of the comments were: “I had this same look once…was at a hibachi grill with a friend. I told them the big glob was wasabi and do not eat it by itself…to add it to the food in small amounts. I look over after just taking a bit to see my friend eating the whole thing of wasabi. Lol He did not have a good time afterwards.”

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