Maci Bookout and Husband Taylor Take a Big Step to Restore a Relationship


In the last season, Teen Mom OGTaylor McKinney, Maci Buchout, and Taylor McKinney are trying to restore their relationship. The couple felt some strains in their relationship and decided to act on Tuesday night. Teen Mom OGSeason finale. The episode’s finale saw the pair take some time to enjoy a brief trip. 

In the previous episode Teen Mom OGMcKinney and Bookout spoke with a therapist. They advised the couple to spend more quality time together away from their three children — Jayde, Maverick, and Bookout’s son Bentley, whom she shares with ex Ryan Edwards. She accepted the advice quickly and agreed to spend a night at bed and breakfast. 

Bookout and McKinney drop their children off at McKinney’s mother’s house at the beginning of the episode. The couple then traveled to a nearby bed-and-breakfast, where they enjoyed a restful night together. They spent the night at a nearby bed and breakfast, but it wasn’t the best start to their excursion. “awkward”They shared a meal together. But they managed to turn the tides when they spent some time at a bonfire on that evening. Bookout asked her husband why they had stayed together despite their woes. He replied that it was because he loved her. She said she has stayed beside him because she likes and wouldn’t mind putting up with any other man.

Bookout, McKinney and their relationship have opened up like never before in this past season. McKinney in particular has shown great compassion for his wife. She is currently dealing with PCOS (polycystic ovary Syndrome) and PTSD after a gas station shooting in which she was involved. Bookout sought help not only for her marriage but also for her personal problems. Bookout has since made changes in her life. 

Bookout spoke with a counselor to advise her to include healthy meals in her diet to ensure her health. She then set about to achieve that goal. Bookout made a significant step towards her fight with PTSD when she returned to the same gas station where she was injured in the deadly incident earlier in the season. McKinney was with her, and she made it through despite being nervous about returning to the spot. 

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