Mackenzie Phillips’ ‘One Day At a Time’ star comes out as bisexual


Mackenzie Phillips lives her truth as a bisexual women. The One day at a timeStar62-year-old Judith reveals her bisexuality during an appearance on the The Velvet Rope Behind podcast with David Yontef Monday. Called a “gay icon”Phillips, the host, responded. “I love that and I also love that I throughout my life have lived on both sides of the curtain.”

“I’ve had boyfriends, I’ve had girlfriends throughout my life. I am neither one nor the other. I love our gay community,”She continued by pointing out that Breathe Life Healing Centre, where she is Director of Referral Relationships, is an addiction center. “LGBT-owned and operated.”Phillips would add, “I love everybody,”Before she laughed, “Not everybody, almost.”

Phillips also shared on the podcast about her reconciliation with her family, which includes her half-sisters – actress Bijou Phillips and singer Chynna Phillips – as well as her brother-in-law and Chynna Phillips’s husband, Billy Baldwin. Phillips’ 2009 memoir High on Arrival, the actress revealed that her father, The Mamas & the Papas singer John Phillips, had an incestuous relationship with her for a decade after he raped her at age 19.

“Had I known the distress it would’ve caused everybody on such a visceral level, I would certainly have considered doing things slightly differently. I certainly would not have decided to not tell my truth, because my truth needed to be told, but I likely would have done it slightly differently,”Phillips spoke out on the podcast about sharing her story. The star shared her story on the podcast, saying that her family has been able heal some of their wounds and come to terms with each other.

“Just in case anybody was wondering, there’s a family thread,”She shared. “We all text and we’re all in touch. And we spend time together whenever we can.”Phillips stated that she is incredibly proud of her achievements, despite going through so much in her own life. “Not only did I survive, I actually am thriving,”She spoke. “And so that is something that I’m proud that I have weathered the storm, but I’m 62 years old. You know, what the eff to be still here. I’m quite often amazed that I’m able to even put together an elusive sentence, let alone a paragraph, let alone help run a treatment center.”