Madonna’s Allegedly ‘Disfigured Face’ Has Fans Saying They Can’t Recognize Her, Latest Gossip Claims


It is MadonnaAre her fans worried? One tabloid claims the singer’s new look is drawing concern from fans. Let’s check in on the Queen of Pop.

Madonna ‘Freaks Fans’A New Look

The most recent edition National Enquirer reports Madonna isn’t looking like herself lately, and her fans have started to notice. The “Like a Virgin”A TikTok video posted by a singer has sparked discussion about her changing appearance. “I’ve loved Madonna since I was little, but this is a hard pass. What has she done to herself?”One user left a comment. And since the video put Madonna’s cosmetic work on full display, so the outlet consulted some plastic surgeons who haven’t treated the singer for their opinions.

“She has had a forehead lift that pulled back her eyebrows, a mini facelift, and removed the buccal fat pad to narrow her lower cheek,”One expert comments. “She also has MUCH fuller cheeks—and a midface lift with likely fat transfer and implants,”Add another doctor “The result is a cartoon-like version of her former self. It’s more modification than rejuvenation.”

Madonna scares fans with an alien look?

This story is nothing but old news and pointed jabs at Madonna’s looks. First of all, while Madonna is known as the Queen of Pop, she’s also become the queen of filters and photoshop in recent years. The TikTok, the magazine that is analysingMadonna clearly uses a filter. That’s apparent from the fact that her eyelashes keep moving and aren’t even staying on her eyelid. The “alien-looking” quality to her appearance seems to be at least partially smoke and mirrors, although the outlet’s “experts” don’t seem to notice.

But that isn’t to say that Madonna hasn’t had work done. While the singer hasn’t admitted to having any plastic surgery, it’s almost certain that she has gone under the knife—or the needle, at the very least. But it’s next to impossible to discern What she’s had done from her social media profiles since she heavily edits all of her photos.

So, clearly, the outlet had absolutely no intention of informing readers about Madonna’s well-being; it only ever wanted to insult her appearance. While we can’t say what alterations Madonna has or hasn’t made to her appearance, we’re confident that this magazine can’t either.

The Tabloid: A Common Tale

It is not the first time this has happened. National Enquirer Madonna was hounded by the outlet. Madonna was accused of being an informer by the outlet last year. “youth-crazy”She also frightened her fans with her appearance. The publication then claimed that Madonna refused to give her boyfriend an increase despite him asking for it. “barely minimum wage.”The magazine also reported that Madonna was causing fear with her behavior. “increasingly unhinged” behavior. Naturally, it is the Inquire doesn’t have the inside scoop on Madonna’s personal life.

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