Madonna’s Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s little girl, looks stunning in sheer corsets and lingerie for a sexy shoot


Lourdes Leon looked stunning in her latest photos for Mugler fashion and perfume designer.

Madonna’s 25-year-old daughter looked elegant and powerful in a black, tight-fitting bodysuit.

Lourdes’ long legs were highlighted by the latex and sheer numbers. She was covered in sheer tights that fell at her knees.

The beauty with black hair posted an image of her look to her 235 000 Instagram followers.

Lourdes, wearing the dominatrix-inspired outfit and standing tall with her hands on her hips, is seen in the photo.

Lourdes posted another raunchy video to Instagram.

Lourdes is seen in the campaign standing with her back to the camera, before she flips her hair.

Lourdes Leon looked drop-dead gorgeous modelling for Mugler
Lourdes Leon looked drop-dead gorgeous modelling for Mugler

The skirt was cut around her thighs so that it was partly covered with sheer fabric and partially by latex.

Lourdes thanked Casey Cadwallader (creative director at Mugler) and Haley Wollens (stylist).

Lourdes and her mother seem to have more in common than looks, as the outfit reminded me of the pop star.

The revealing look reminded Madonna’s VMAs appearance, in which she was compared as a dominatrix when she opened the show singing Vogue.

The 25-year-old wore a latex and sheer bodysuit whilst on set
On set, the 25 year-old seemed to love wearing the sheer latex and bodysuit.

Madonna’s oldest and only biological child, Lourdes is her eldest daughter.

Lourdes was born to her then partner and trainer Carlos Leon in 1996.

Madonna had another biological child with Guy Richie, her second husband and director of international renown.

In 2000, the couple had their son Rocco.

Madonna has since adopted four more children: Esther, Mercy, Stella, and Stella.

Lourdes looked incredibly similar to her mother, Madonna, in the dominatrix-inspired outfit
In the dominatrix-inspired outfit, Lourdes looked very similar to Madonna.

Lourdes recently spoke out about the reluctance of her mother to give help to her children.

Interview with Debi Mazar: Model Debi Mazar said that she spoke to the actor and that they were in agreement about this statement. “We don’t get any handouts in my family. Obviously, I grew up with extreme privilege. There’s no denying that.”

Lourdes paid all the costs of her apartment purchase, including no financial assistance from her mother.

She is now a fashion designer.

Lourdes uploaded video of herself walking down the Bottega runway just days after posting her Mugler campaign shots.

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