Major Announcement by ‘The Mask Singer’ ahead of Season 7 Premiere


The Masked SingerThe start of Season 7 is this week. But that’s not all the big news from the franchise. On Tuesday, promoters announced The Masked Singer National Tour – a live production of the competition series headed to cities around North America. The event will be hosted and hosted by Natasha Bedingfield, a Season 6 alumna.

The Masked SingerNational Tour will begin in May 2022, and it will take you to 50 cities across North America. Tickets are available already According to the press release the live shows will feature Bedingfield performing “Pepper,”Other familiar characters will be featured in the book, including “Queen of Hearts,” “Taco,” “Alien,” “Robot,” “Baby” “Monster.”Each stop will feature a celebrity playing one of the roles, which will remain unmasked until the very end.

While it is unclear who will replace the other characters at each stop for the live show, it is obvious that the live show will be akin to the TV series in certain ways. Bedingfield will be present at every stop and host the performances, so that everyone is familiar with at least one performer. Bedingfield made a statement about her excitement for the tour.

“My time on THE MASKED SINGER was such a thrilling challenge and a unique way to get good music across to a wide audience,”She said. “The quality of THE MASKED SINGER production is unmatched and I’m so excited to carry that into what will be unlike any other touring experience I’ve had.”

VIP ticket packages are available at every tour stop. They allow fans to purchase premium tickets, book meet-and greet opportunities with the cast, get photo ops, and buy exclusive merchandise. These packages are available online

The tour will begin in St. Louis on Saturday May 28th and continue at a fast pace through the months of June & July. The tour website has a complete list of dates. However, dates can be changed due to changes in public health standards.

The success of the tour will be a benefit to the tour The Masked SingerSeason 7 will premiere on Wednesday, March 9, at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. The TV series stars Nick Cannon, a returning host, and panelists Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy. The new contestant for this season “Thingamabob”The live tour will also feature performances by the band.