Major Marvel Movie Trilogy to Exit HBO Max


Amid all the changes taking place on HBO Max, the streamer just lost one of its last footholds in the Marvel market – the cult-hit, Blade trilogy. End of August saw the removal of HBO Max’s film adaptations to Marvel Comics’ Blade stories starring Wesley Snipes. You will need to find another place to watch the movies if you wish to rewatch them.

Blade, Blade II And Trinity: Blade Although they are not part of the official Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity. Despite the fact that they were not considered as serious in their day, they were commercially successful. Many fans believe that the MCU and modern superhero movies are a result of the foundation laid by Blade. Marvel Studios will soon bring Blade back to its own continuity. Many fans will be eager to rewatch the movies over the next few years.

The Blade New Line Cinema was the distributor of franchises. Warner Bros. acquired New Line Cinema in 2008. This may explain why they are on HBO Max. While it is not clear why they have decided to leave the streaming service at August’s end, it could be because of a licensing deal. Marvel Entertainment is likely to keep the rights and place the Trilogy on its own streaming service, like Hulu.

Marvel repurchased the rights to adapt Blade According to a 2012 report, DeadlineSnipes was approached by the company to possibly reprise his role. Marvel Studios revealed that it would instead reboot the story with Mahershala Al in the title role. Ali, who had previously played the villain Cottonmouth Stokes, will be the only actor to play two distinct roles in the MCU. Luke Cage.

Stacy Osei -Kuffour will pen the MCU Blade, and Bassam Tariq is its director. Filming is set to begin in October 2022. scheduled It will premiere on November 3, 2023. It will be the fourth movie of the MCU. “Phase Five,”Following Quantumania: Ant Man and The WaspFebruary Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3In May The MarvelsIn July.

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