Major Thursday Night win for Season 2 of ‘Ghosts’


CBS’ Ghosts returned on Thursday for Season 2 and received a huge ratings win. According to TV Line, GhostsThe show attracted 6.2 million viewers or a 0.5 rating in the ratings for adults 18-49. Its lead-in is stronger, which helped the show improve slightly from his first season. Young Sheldon. Notably, the show attracted 6.6 millions viewers.

Ghosts stars Rose McIver as Samantha, a woman who inherits a large New York estate and decides, along with her husband Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) to turn the manor into a bed and breakfast. Our clueless couple doesn’t know that the house is haunted, but a group ghosts are more friendly than scary. The gang gets into misadventures and hijinks together, which leads to some funny situations. These apparitions also prove that they are more friendly than frightening. The cast of quirky and lovable ghosts is made up of Rebecca Wisocky, Danielle Pinnock, Román Zaragoza, Devan Chandler Long, Sheila Carrasco, Brandon Scott Jones, Richie Moriarty and Asher Grodman.

The GhostsThis year’s San Diego Comic-Con saw a surprising number of cast members and showrunners. One of the surprises was about some “new ghosts”To appear on CBS’s sitcom, “The Simpsons”, for its second season. According to EWAmbudkar made the revelations during the SDCC 2022 panel. “We have new ghosts.”McIver also added how “the B&B will be open”With new guests, but it also means: “it’s not smooth sailing… and we have eight surprise inhabitants of the place.”

Talk to TV LineJoe Port, co-showrunner recently revealed that among the many new elements this season, fans will meet a Ghost who discovered a loophole by being tied to the spot they died. “We’re going to meet a ghost that can go around the world, but is bound to this car that her death is related to,”He shared the details.

Port also explained that fans will learn more about Sam (Rose McIver), Jay’s (UtkarshAmbudkar), nosey neighbors, Jay, and the Farnsbys and the ghost that haunts their home. “We’re going to learn more about her, Judy, played by Lindsey Broad,”Port spoke up. He teased that “we’re going to learn more about another ghost that lives there and its connection to one of our ghosts.” Ghosts airs at 8:30 p.m. ET on Thursdays, only available on CBS Paramount+.

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